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Cashport is the micropayments ecosystem that allows your users to earn and spend across multiple services, with zero friction. Get the free SDK!

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Where credit cards can't take you

One-Click Onboarding

Get all user info you need and access to their funds in just one click by connecting their HandCash wallet.

No extra fees

Senders pay for the network fees, typically less than a penny. Don't worry, nobody will be bothered.

Super Safe

You never hold people's money - it's always in their mobile wallets. So less risk for your business!

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HandCash Wallet

Users will log in with their HandCash wallets to your app in just one click, giving you access to their personal information and funds at the same time.

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    Get your API keys to get started.

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    Implement the SDK

    Money has never been simpler. Just ask our APIs so Ann pays Bob $0.25 for his content. No third parties involved. No fees for you.

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    Generate revenue

    We know how difficult it was to monetize user interactions. Now you can focus on building a great experience!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do these micropayments work?

We help you connect directly with the Bitcoin SV (BSV) network so all transactions are handled immediatelly, with the highest benchmarks on security and reliability.

Why are micropayments important?

Micropayments are a new way of rewarding creators and users to incentivize good quality content creation and healthy discussions. It wasn't possible before!

Are there any service fees?

We don't charge extra fees, however all senders (mainly your users) pay a network fee of a fraction of a cent. We will have affordable monthly plans in the future based on usage.

Is this real money?

It is real money, just a new kind of money. One that's immediatelly available for the receiver. Think of it as digital cash. And it's interoperable between all apps and games that integrate Cashport or that support Bitcoin SV (BSV).

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Cashport is totally free at the time, you just need to get your free API Keys to get started! Any changes on pricing will be notified to you via email at least 3 months in advance.

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